GEO cast bronze heart with vintage chain.

GEO cast bronze heart with vintage chain.

Shayne Fox Hardware

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We originally made the GEO hearts to embody sentimentality, to be used as talismans, amulets or mementos. And we have loved bringing them to you and your loved ones.

These hearts, paired with approximately 30" of vintage brass chain are just another way to add some texture and love to your spaces. They can be used as 'locks' for your cabinets by wrapping around handles or knobs, or as decorative pieces for your desks, coffee tables, bedside tables...whatever you can dream up. They are not meant to be worn on the body as a necklace though. There is not clasp for that.

We have these right now in one finish, our warm bronze, and the vintage (time worn) brass chain. We made a very small amount of these as an experiment.

These pieces bring new meaning to the idea of 'furniture jewellery' and we love them.