Top hardware trends for 2018!

I originally wrote this post when the fine folks at asked for my thoughts on hardware for 2018. Too fun not to share here, enjoy! 

Top Hardware trends for 2018, by Shayne Fox. 


1. Olympic​ ​metals​ ​for​ ​the​ ​win.​

 Gold, silver, bronze, copper and everything in between. This lineup of finishes are here to stay. The golden glow of brass or bright bronze looks like it’s holding steady in the top spot for hardware metals. Probably for another millennium. There are so many variations here that it’s hard to even classify them as the same. Satin brass, brushed brass, unlacquered brass, oiled bronze, patina’d bronze, distressed bronze and on and on it goes. It seems this time-proven design staple is deeply rooted in what looks great and weathers beautifully.

 Copper or rose gold is another popular choice for hardware as well as nickel, chrome or other silver finishes. Modern, classic and transitional spaces can feature any of these metals. And the most beautiful part of it all? They all work together. There is nothing wrong with mixing unlacquered copper with some blackened bronze. Like a cashmere sweater with jeans, it just kinda works.

Detail of farmhouse kitchen by Perfect Trades.  Features copper hardware and tubing for shelves with a black faucet.

2. Expect​ ​the​ ​unexpected​.

Most designers will agree that hardware is like icing on the cake. And in the interests of making each cake different, we are seeing some unexpected materials pop up in hardware manufacturing. Cast concrete, integration of real crystals, fired ceramics as well formed and bent plastics, are some of the new materials becoming more mainstream. I think we will also be seeing more 3d printed materials as well.

Marine knob/hook in concrete by Urbi et Orbi. Available through

3. Joan​ ​Jett​ ​would​ ​be​ ​proud.​

She and her band the Blackhearts. Remember them? Matt black, satin black, off black. All of it. Whether the hardware is painted, enameled or patina’d black, this rock star look is a legend in its own time. Black hardware can add a graphic pop to a light and bright space and it can be the visual anchor to help ground things. It integrates well with appliances, all sorts of stone and wood finishes and can look stellar with any other metal that you may already have going on. It works so well because it nods to old world styling, is modern and fresh at the same time and just like Joan, it’s a bit rebellious.

Black patina’d bronze hardware by Shayne Fox Hardware. Photo by Shayne Fox.

4.​ ​Make​ ​it​ ​your​ ​own.​

 Like art and jewelry and anything else that you are drawn towards to use in your life, hardware choices should reflect you and what makes you happy, even if it’s not what everyone else is doing. In addition to the above trends, I think we can also expect to see the continued unconventional ways in which hardware is installed and used. Gone are the days where installation rule books and templates are the norm. Want an oversized 3-foot long appliance pull on your cutlery drawer? Why not push the scale? Want your pulls to run horizontally instead of vertically? Why not flip things around? Want the hardware pieces to be installed asymmetrically? Why keep it all in line? Doing what you like and what inspires you is the new tradition.

Oversized, unexpected wooden hardware in space designed by OPEN AD. Photo by Maris Lapins

5.​ ​Footloose​ and​ ​fancy-free​.

We’ve all swooned over well designed minimal kitchens with soaring surfaces and uncluttered everythings, am I right? While I’m not sure who actually lives like that, those kind of spaces are still the holy grail for some. What I think is happening these days, is people are becoming more drawn towards the eclectic and fanciful for inspiration. Be it a more colorful boho type vibe or the eclectic elegance of a global chic decor, it seems to be freeing and allows for more self-expression. People are able to pull looks together from more varied influences and materials and the inclusion of some kick-ass, super fun hardware can help a space get a glam, eclectic look super fast.

Eclectic glam kitchen of interior decorator and stylist, Sera of London. Photo by Michael Paul.


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