All of our wares come in our standard 'bright' and 'warm' bronze finishes. In addition to those, we can do custom blackening as well as nickel.
We started out doing all blackening ourselves by hand patina.  That process has proven to be quite an arduous task that we can no longer take on in house. Now we are doing plating as well as powder coating (and send these out to get done) for all finishes outside of our signature 'warm' and 'bright' bronzes. 
Anything made from our 'warm' or 'bright' bronze finishes is cast from one of two solid bronze materials and only has lacquering and waxing on top to seal in the look and the lustre of the bronze.
Any of our wares that are 'blackened', are powder coated and anything that is 'nickel' finish is plated. These two looks are an add on layer to the underlying warm or bright bronze. And over the years, with use and time, the additional finish layers may show some wear. It really depends on the environment they are in, how they are cleaned and what they are subjected to.
We suggest only mild soap and water is ever used on our wares if food stuffs or kitchen oils get on them. Anything else could compromise the look and wearing of the finishes.
Please don't hesitate to contact us directly to get some information about what we can do for you. 
See our finish samples here.



Above picture here includes our most popular finishes on some PYRA pulls.  From left to right we have black plate, nickel plate, our bright bronze,  and our warm
This picture above, shows our S hooks in warm bronze on the left and bright bronze on the right.

 Seen here are some PYRA knobs, blackened and in warm bronze. 


Blackened GEO wares

Here are some SKEW pieces with a custom nickel finish. 
See three NIKA 17" handles here. From left to right we have nickle plate, bright bronze and then warm bronze.