Cast bronze lidded vessel, bright bronze.

Cast bronze lidded vessel, bright bronze.

Shayne Fox Hardware

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These are the same pieces that house our candles, but we are also offering them empty, for you to fill. A lidded hand-finished cast bronze vessel— a sculptural art piece. The lid also serves as a coaster or trivet for jewellery, change, whatever you like. We are offering these in our bright bronze finish only, for now.

The shape for these was inspired by our SKEW series of wares and are faceted with a twisting effect. We made them straight, but with a twist. So they have a unique presence and look different from all angles. The vessels come in at 3.5" tall and 4" wide.

Use these for a myriad of ways. Keep one bedside, at the office, in the bathroom or styled on your coffee table. Anywhere you want some glamour and small storage.