The SPUL series is a playful, yet bold grouping of handles and knobs. Originally inspired by handcrafted spool furniture, this series of cast bronze hardware hints to the sentimental while still imparting a modern and chic aesthetic. The various shapes in the series are made from our signature sand cast bronze and like all our offerings, the SPUL pieces have a perfectly imperfect surface texture and are a pleasure to hold and use.

To start we have six shapes, a small knob, a large knob, a 4" handle, an 8 1/4" handle, a 12.5" handle and a 20.5" appliance pull.

Please note, we have small amounts on hand to start, but will quickly be replenishing the stock. Please reach out with any questions about the new SPUL wares. We cant wait to see how you all use them.

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