Care and install

All of our hardware is sand cast then hand and machine finished using the utmost of care. The end result yields solid bronze pieces. While bronze does not corrode or degrade, there are steps you can take to ensure the enduring appeal of the hardware and its ‘living finish’.

Most of our products are unlacquered and will darken, deepen in colour over time. This patina process is usually desired but can easily be polished away to reveal the original bronze finish and promote a lustre.

Only our upcoming ‘BLACKENED’ hardware will be affected by a patina and then sealed with lacquer to lock in the colour and will not change over time.

After some time, and with normal wear and tear, you may want to give the hardware a bit of a cleaning. You can use a mild soap in water to wash the pieces and remove any food stuffs or debris. DO NOT use any harsh chemicals, sprays, furniture cleaners, or otherwise caustic solutions on or near the hardware. As well, it is best to avoid allowing things like nail polish or toothpaste from sitting too long on the hardware as they may affect the natural patina on the surface.

If you want to remove any natural deepening or patina on the hardware you can use a top quality metal polish to reveal the original lustre of the hardware. We like AUTOSOL Metal Polish for this purpose. But any good quality product would suffice. Do not use anything other than mild soap and water on the ‘BLACKENED’ pieces though, as it may affect the lacquer and then the patina on the bronze.

SFH is like any other hardware in that it’s best if an experienced person does the installing. Our hardware pieces have deep threads drilled into them so that they can accommodate various lengths of bolts for varying thickness of cabinetry and furniture. We will send along standard #8-32 cabinet bolts that are 1” long with every purchase.

If you still have questions about the care and installation of our products, please email us and we will do our very best to help you.