The Story

SFH aims to provide unique cast bronze hardware for all interior applications. The products we make are simple, solid, clean lined, and feature soft tumbled surfaces. The subtle earthiness of the bronzes we use combined with the shapes, make our hardware well suited for transitional and modern spaces.

The debut GEO series is our take on the everyday handle and knob with a nod to all things rustic, organic, and a wee bit art deco. While we strive for consistency in form, we welcome the inherent and ever so subtle differences that each cast bronze piece showcases.  

Originally designed using state of the art technology, our hardware is actually made the old fashioned way from bronze that is hand poured when molten, and then hand finished once cooled. This process makes each and every piece slightly unique. And like the name that our debut GEO series denotes, we see each piece as a little gem.

The PYRA series is another exploration for us in cast bronze hardware, for interiors.  We love the weight, and the surface subtleties that result when molten bronze is cooled in sand moulds and then hand finished. Inspired in part by ancient step pyramid architecture and the casting process itself, this series has sleeker and more elegant shapes than our debut GEO series. PYRA, a nod to the flame, the sun, dessert structures, and ancient processes with a modern aesthetic.


Shayne Fox. Designer and Founder. 


I have spent decades in Toronto's film industry as a Set Decorator and Designer. While creating sets for movies and tv shows, Ive enjoyed solving design problems and creating some pretty cool things from scratch.

The urge to branch out and work on something completely different came when I was renovating my own kitchen and realized there was a hole in the interior decor hardware market.

Compelled to make the items that I wanted to see: pieces with clean lines, that were solid with a timeless, rustic appeal, I started the process. It hasn't been a simple task, but the process of casting hardware is addictive.  I love helping people find solutions for design dilemmas, and life is too short to not be surrounded by beautiful things!