Incendre. Soy wax candle in cast bronze lidded vessel, bright bronze.

Incendre. Soy wax candle in cast bronze lidded vessel, bright bronze.

Shayne Fox Hardware

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To kindle, burn. To arouse, a passion

Orange | patchouli | cardamom | frankincense


Earthy, softly spiced, and bold, Incendre is a luxurious hand-poured soy wax candle in a sand-cast bronze vessel. Both grounding and uplifting, SFHs signature scented candle carries brightness from the orange, a warmth from the cardamom, an earthiness from the patchouli and is nuanced with hints of frankincense. The scent evokes lush, mossy rain-forests and centuries old temples; the song of rain against a canopy of leaves, with the lilt of sweet citrus.

Each candle is housed in a lidded hand-finished bronze vessel— a sculptural art piece that will live on long after the candle has burned out. The lid also serves as a coaster or trivet for the candle or jewellery. We are offering these in our bright bronze finish, only for now.

The shape for these was inspired by our SKEW series of wares and are faceted with a twisting effect. We made them straight, but with a twist. So they have a unique presence and look different from all angles. The vessels come in at 3.5" tall and 4" wide.

Though we strive for consistency in form, each cast bronze vessel carries inherent and subtle differences, and is entirely one-of-a-kind.

Made in small batches in Toronto, Incendre is scented with pure essential oils with soy wax that is natural, sustainable, and biodegradable. Our candles are vegan, phthalate, paraben, sulfate-and cruelty-free and use lead-free cotton wicks. Each 9.5 ounce candle has an approximate 50-hour burn time.

Scent notes

Top notes: fresh citrus/orange

Heart notes: spiced tea, cardamom

Base notes: frankincense, patchouli

Care notes:

Never leave candles unattended and trim wicks between uses. When burning the candle for the first time, allow the melt pool to reach the edges before extinguishing to promote even burning and enhance the scent throw for the life of the candle.

Do not allow the candle to burn for longer than four hours at a time and stop burning when there is half an inch of wax left in the container.

Production notes:

The sand cast vessels are made in Toronto and the candles are made in small batches in Toronto as well by the SFH team and are made with care and love.

 Scent free preference:

If you are interested in our candle but are not a fan of essential oils or scents of any kind, please reach out and we can make you a scent free version.