Nesting bowls, three sizes.

Nesting bowls, three sizes.

Shayne Fox Hardware

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Our new vessels are here to help style your coffee table, your desk, finesse your dining spaces, to hold flowers, jewellery, keys or for whatever you can dream up!

Bringing more perfectly imperfect, cast bronze goodness into your life or projects just got easier. Designed with clean lines and subtly playful 'skewed' shapes, these bowls are chic and very satisfying to interact with.

Coming in three sizes, the pieces are sold separately or as a set (with a savings) in both our warm and bright bronze finishes.

Please note that these are not lacquered and considered to have a 'living finish'. Meaning they will oxidize and patina over time. You can embrace the change in tone or buff away the patina with a metal polish and soft cloth to reveal a cleaner, brighter surface.. While bronze is safe to be near food, we do not recommend eating straight off of these. You can wash these with mild soap and a cloth to dry.

We hope you love these and cannot wait to see how you all use them.


small 6 1/4" diameter, 1 1/4" tall

medium 7" diameter, 1 3/8"tall

large 8" diameter, 1 1/2" tall